Matt would have been truly humbled by this tribute. He wouldn't have considered himself anymore special than the next guy...but he was to all of us who knew and loved him. He could be quiet and introspective. He was smart and very funny. He loved his friends and family and always made time for all of us no matter how busy he was. He found his niche in Emergency Medicine, telling us, he couldn't imagine doing anything else. His love of adventure, travel and the outdoors led him to a love of Wilderness Medicine. Matt was unable to fulfill his dream of a fellowship in Wilderness Medicine but would have been so happy to have someone else be able to pursue their interest through this fund in his name. Our family is thankful and appreciative for this opportunity to honor our son and his interest in Wilderness Medicine.

-Mary, Bob and Brian Curley
Matt - you were a childhood friend, teammate and professional colleague. The imprint you made on people's lives, including my own, will never be forgotten. May you rest in peace knowing that your generosity towards others and passion for adventure lives on.

-Brandon Godbout
Matt and I rode the subway together to Harlem each week for our softball games. This became our time to catch up on life or just bicker about things as usual. I particularly remember the last ride we took for the final game of this past season in August 2011. Usually those conversations revolved around that night’s game or a recent patient at work. But on this train ride, he actually started talking about his future after residency. He spent the whole time talking about how he was applying for the wilderness medicine fellowship and about how he had made so many friends and connections from recent conferences and races through the desert. I was really happy for him because it was great to see him excited about his career.

Matt was always available for advice and taught me a lot about life and living. First, relax. As Matt would always say, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Second, always live life to the fullest. Have a beer or glass of wine every day, make sure to go out and see as much of the world as you can, and don’t take anything for granted. Third, don’t spend too much time studying, just be naturally intelligent.

-Melissa Leber
I love how Matt was always up for something! During our ortho month, I had so much fun exploring NYC with Matt!

-Linda Nguyen
What I will remember most about Matt is his peaceful, serene spirit. No matter what kind of difficult situation he faced, he would meet it with a smile and with his unforgettable, mischievous laugh. He never took things too seriously, and never let the heavy things bear down on him too hard. It was almost as if he knew or understood something about life that the rest of us are still searching for. Matt loved the wilderness, he loved the outdoors, and he loved to travel alone. Whenever I find myself in such a place - a quiet forest or a snowy hilltop - I think of him, and I know that he is there, always.

-Sebastian Siadecki
Matt, I still get the urge to stop by your apartment and grab a post-shift drink on a pretty much weekly basis. You were a hell of a doctor and an even better friend. I've missed you so much this year, during the hard times, but even more when things were great. You’re a part of almost all my best memories from three of the most important years of my life. I love you like a brother and look forward to having another drink with you somewhere down the line.

-Dan Runde
Matt Curley - I miss your smile. It's been hard getting through the year without you and knowing you won't be with us when we graduate from SLR. You were a great guy and I'm lucky to have had you as a friend.

-Diana Kim
What I learned from Matt: Life is short, Live it to the fullest, smile more, and take it easy, don’t stress. I wish he could have taught many more people this lesson in person, but we will all have to carry on his legacy and pass along the message.

-Mansi Nayak
Matt was a great friend that could always be counted on; whether you really needed his help, or just wanted to hang out, he was always there.

-Josh Davenport
Matt Curley...a great guy...I still miss you and I realize now that won't change. Your laugh, your energy, your adventure, your brilliance would have been great additions to the field of Wilderness Medicine, but rather than say it will be a little less without you, I only hope that this fund and your memory help to inspire and encourage those prospects who will follow you.

-Barbie Santos
In my last conversation with Matt, I told him about my upcoming trip to Argentina. He was so excited to share his own experiences and detailed all the hikes I must do, the places I must see, and the neighborhoods with the best food in Argentina. During my trip, I followed Matt's recommendations and hiked on glaciers, climbed some very steep slopes and looked over incredibly beautiful terrain in the depths of Patagonia. In that trip, I had some of the most thrilling moments of my life and I have Matt to thank for it. He had an amazing experience there and wanted to make sure I had one as well. I willl always remember Matt's sense of adventure, his knack for discovering new places, seeking incredible thrills, and living life to its full extent all while sharing his wonderful experiences with others. Thanks Matt for showing me places I would not have otherwise discovered, leaving me with a lifetime of cherished memories that I will never forget.

-Farrukh Jafri